A little bit about me

I first started making jewellery when I couldn't find anything I liked at a price I wanted to pay.  In the beginning it was just a few pieces that I kept for myself or gave away to friends. But soon people started asking to buy items, then suddenly it exploded and now I find myself spending most of my time making jewellery.


I don't have an office, a studio or a workshop, I work sitting on the sofa in my living room in North West England, with a tray on my lap. The rose in the photo grows in a pot in the back yard of our Victorian terraced parlour house. Beads have taken over the house - I kissed goodbye to the dining room long ago and am valiantly fighting a losing battle to keep the spare sofa clear in the living room.


I like my jewellery to have personality. With anything handmade,  each piece is individual and unique, just like you. I love knowing that when I've made a particular piece, there will be no other like that in the whole world.

I realise how lucky I am, getting to spend my life doing something that I love.  I am surrounded by beautiful things that I put together to create wearable art, and the design possibilities seem limitless.


I hope you enjoy making my patterns as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Paula x

Black and white photo of a pink rose growing in my garden.
A photo of me wearing a red dress on my birthday.